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Are you looking for strategies to navigate resistance to change?

Would you like to avoid the common pitfalls of a digital transformation? 

Would you like to learn what leads to corporate alignment, healthy change, and maximum value delivered?

If you answered YES, then this book is definitely for you! 

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"Listening is a major part of  public speaking" - Luba Sakharuk


Who Is
Luba Sakharuk

Luba Sakharuk

started her professional journey as a software engineer with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytech Institute of Technology.

While continuing her full-time employment as a senior lead consultant, she published two books and founded RALM3 Consulting LLC, focusing on public speaking and facilitation.

Luba lives in Framingham, Massachusetts with her husband and two beautiful and best-behaving teenagers. She can often be found on the ski slopes of Loon Mountain in New Hampshire or taking long walks along Craigville Beach, on CapeCod.

A highly engaging and inspiring presenter, Luba has spoken on her career journey and various other topics at industry events such as She+Geek out, Women in Technology, as well the Women in Agile global conference. She has also appeared in various podcasts and facilitated hundreds of workshops, focusing on inspiring attendees to self-reflect on their own journeys and guide them towards that next step.

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Able to adapt her presentations between 30 minutes to a full day program, Luba's three main keynotes are:

The Art of Corporate Chill

  • ​How defining Corporate Chill leads to a stress-free culture and productivity

  • How knowing the Social Style of your peers makes you a more effective change agent

  • How defining and communicating the change leads to alignment and a successful transformation

The Art of Maximizing Value Delivered

  • ​How to recognize when your doubts are limiting beliefs

  • How to find your core genius and maximize your personal value

  • How to maximize value in digital transformations

The Art of Conflict Resolution

  • ​How defining what success looks like leads to healthy change

  • How choosing what to measure leads to data driven decisions

  • How focusing on continuous learning reduces stress and leads to life worth living!

To engage Luba to speak at your next event, email for pricing and availability.

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