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Recognizing the immense potential and dedication of women in the field of technology, we are delighted to announce a prestigious scholarship application designed to empower and support aspiring female professionals in pursuing their dreams. This scholarship provides a remarkable opportunity for talented women to embark on or advance their careers in the dynamic world of technology. We seek individuals who are driven, passionate and committed to their goals, particularly those facing financial barriers hindering their path to success. If you possess unwavering motivation and are ready to invest in shaping your future, this scholarship could be your gateway to the career you've always envisioned. So, take a moment to visualize your aspirations and how this opportunity can act as a catalyst to help you achieve them. Fill out the application below and take that pivotal first step toward a fulfilling and rewarding career path. We eagerly await your application, ready to make your dreams a reality!



scholarship application

Application Deadline is September 15, 2023. The winner will be announced by the end of October. 
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